What is DAC

What is Delhi International Arbitration Centre (DAC)?

  • DAC is an institution intended to facilitate and encourage litigating parties to take recourse to arbitration as their chosen mode for settlement of disputes.
  • DAC ensures effective settlement of disputes by Arbitration, which is cost and time effective.
  • Founded by the High Court of Delhi to secure an independent, transparent and professional institution.
  • A dedicated team of lawyers proficient in arbitration backed by an efficient secretariat forms the core of the Centre.
  • State of the art infrastructure and facilities:
    • Four Arbitration Halls each equipped with seating capacity of 20 persons.
    • Simultaneous recording of proceeding and projection thereof on large screen.
    • Record of proceedings and witness statements shall be made available on the same day.
    • Consultation Rooms for parties and their representatives.
    • Chambers for Arbitrators.
  • Structure of Cost and Fees to suit litigants of all categories.
  • DAC greets all with an olive branch and a smile.